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Zuzu's Petals wine bar

Hi. We are Alexandra, Bobby, and Klara!


You may know us from Bow Market, where Alexandra has a chocolate shop called gâté comme des filles. For years we have been dreaming of opening a wine bar where you can enjoy Alexandra's desserts with glasses of fine wine. When the pandemic hit, we noticed that the beloved space formerly operated by City Girl Café was available, and we swooped in! Luckily we were able to refinish the beautiful wood floors and restore the space to its former glory. Our vision was to serve classic European desserts and chunks of local cheese alongside really good wine by the glass, with an eclectic soundtrack on scratchy vinyl records.


Just before opening in 2021 we made one final change to our wine bar plans. We went on a little camping trip and when we returned, we were struck by how many people were using their cell phones in public to connect with those far away, while ignoring everyone in their immediate surroundings. Holding their phone up to their face while jogging, walking into poles, etc. We remembered a time (can you remember?) when we all knew that it was rude to be on a phone in a restaurant. We felt that Cantabrigians were almost forgetting how to interact in restaurants at all. So just before opening, we decided to make our wine bar a "cell phone free" zone. Since we hadn't opened yet, we really didn't have anything to lose.

It turns out we weren't the only ones who were craving a space in which to drink wine while talking to each other. Everyone's been so supportive of our concept and also ready to try really fabulous wines made on small organic farms around the world. We aren't sommeliers although we like to think that we are good at selecting wines to complement our awesome desserts and cheeseboards. We are aficionados of living in the moment and enjoying life to its fullest. We called our bar Zuzu's Petals because for us, chocolate mousse, beaujolais, and sharing laughs with friends are amongst the things most worth living for.

-Alex, Bobby & Klara

Zuzu's Petals crème brûlée
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